Something You Need to Be Careful with in A Mature Dating Relationship

We start an older women dating relationship to hope that we can get happiness in this cougar hook up dating relationship. Dating between older women and young men is a hot topic, and it is also the wonderful cougar hook up dating life pursued by many sugar momma. The old woman is eager to have a romantic young partner. The night of a person is always lonely. It is always happier to have a warm body around us. In the older women dating relationship, there are two kinds of relationships, one is the interdependence between older women and young men, and the other is the codependence between older women and young men. Each of these two relationships has its own advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, let's talk about the interdependence between older women and young men.

Interdependence, defined from a psychological perspective, means that the two can interact with each other for a long time, pay attention to each other wholeheartedly, and work together as much as possible. Intimate relationships with friends, family, and spouses also include the factor of “commitment to commitment”. Interdependence can span age boundaries and encompass a variety of interpersonal types. In the cougar hook up dating relationship refers to the interaction between the older woman and the young man and the performance of the whole body. Interdependence can enhance each other's feelings and help the two to work together to accomplish something. But past interdependence may be a hindrance to the other side's progress. Because people are developing people, and each person's development speed and direction are different, if two people are too dependent on each other, it will become a hindrance to another person. And over-reliance on one party can also cause excessive pressure on one side.
Therefore, proper dependence in the cougar hook up dating relationship is necessary for both sides, but excessive dependence is not conducive to the development of the mature dating relationship between you two.

Secondly, let us look at the codependence between older women and young men.

Codependence is actually a concept that explains the relationship between organizations. Pan Ning believes that interdependence is an organized behavior in an organization that affects other organizations. It can be divided into three types horizontal interdependence, vertical interdependence, and symbiotic interdependence. In the older women dating relationship, codependence means that the older woman and the young man are different individuals. They are independent of each other, but they are related to each other. Their cougar dating relationship does not burden the other party. On the contrary, they are mutually encouraging and promoting relationships. This kind of dependency is equivalent to the interests of the organization. If one of them is injured, the other party will also be implicated.

The above description are the differences between interdependence and codependence. You should make full use of their advantages to get a better cougar life.