The Reasons Why Cougars Suggest Devoice

According to the data, the current divorce rate is getting higher and higher, and most of them are initiated by older women. The case of divorce suggested by wives is as high as 90%. The divorce rate has risen even faster in recent years. Divorce is a very painful thing for both parties. Many older women have vowed never to divorce at the moment they entered the marriage hall. They hope to keep their vows, and they think that the marriage they run will never reach the end. But the cruel facts made them sober and forced them to make a painful decision about divorce. So, what causes them to have to divorce?

First of all, there is a lack of communication between the older woman and her husband.

Communication between people is very important. If two people together rarely communicate, then there will be more and more conflicts between them. And the topics of interest will be less and less and there will be the scene of the face-to-face silence. This will lead to an increasingly tense relationship between the two people. And the neglect of the husband is the most unbearable for the sugar momma. When two people no longer communicate, their husbands will not care about each other's feelings and do their own things. In addition to working, the sugar momma in the society has to take care of the children at home and do housework, which means that the older woman has two jobs. Then their husbands ignored their efforts, which is what sugar momma can't stand. So, what are the problems between husband and wife, and mutual communication is the most important. It is also very important to understand and tolerate each other.

Second, lose love

Losing love between each other is the biggest reason for divorce. When a person no longer loves another person, anything you do is superfluous to him. Older women are eager to be loved, and in a marriage without love they feel that they are about to suffocate. So, they choose to let go and let each other find their own suitable partner. Therefore, there are more and more older women using the cougar hook up dating app to find their right mature dating partner.

Third, the man has domestic violence.

Domestic violence not only hurts the older woman's body, but also makes them mentally hurt. Living in such a family for a long time, it is estimated that all aspects of the older woman will collapse. So, divorce is the best way for them to protect themselves. After the divorce, the older woman can gain her own freedom to find an older women dating partner who loves her.

Fourth, the husband can not meet the sexual needs of the older woman

The older woman around 40 years old is the peak of sexual desire. During this time, they are eager to have a wonderful cougar hook up dating experience. If their husbands are unable to perform their husband's obligations for a long time, they may choose to divorce. Older women need the nourishment of love and need the moisture of sex.