How to Make A Man Has Feelings for You

As an older woman, everyone wants to be a woman who can get young men's attention all the time. So how can you make a young man that you like interested in you and care about you reasonably?

Every man's emotional intelligence is different, some can easily understand what you mean, some are difficult to understand what you are saying. So, for men we need some skills to make them feel good about us.

First of all, you can talk to him about some interesting things happening in your life and slowly build up your familiarity. Then you talk about some private things about yourself. For example, how does the scar on your hand come, and then ask some more about his privacy. This shows that you are a person who is interested in him, and the conversation between you will be very pleasant.

Secondly, show you a little bit of vulnerability in front of him and let him have the urge to protect you. Men like to show their masculinity in front of women they like, so occasional weakness can promote the cougar hook up dating relationship between the two sides.

Third, eye contact is important.

You may be a bit shy in front of a man you like, but you must look into his eyes as you speak. Eye contact can best make the other person feel your friendship with him. And research shows that when a woman and a man maintain long-term eye contact, it is most likely to make the other person fall in love with her. So, you should adopt it in your older women dating.

Fourth, make a delicious meal for your favorite young man.

As the saying goes, if you want to catch a man's heart, you have to grab his stomach first. When sugar momma and young men have a mature dating, it is not that only young men can make surprises for older women. Sugar momma can also create romance for young men. So, it's time to show off your cooking and your heart, and you can prepare a sumptuous dinner for your favorite cougar hook up dating partner.

Fifth, don’t let the other person take what you did for him for granted

A woman shouldn’t do anything for the man she like, otherwise, the man will take it for granted and usually doesn't value you. If you think that the man you like is taking your good for him, then you need to take a step back and disappear from his life for a while. Let him realize that you are very important to him. Older women need to know how to improve their own value and make themselves scarce so that they will get the attention of men.

These methods are all ways for sugar momma to make young men have feelings about you. If you meet a young man you like on an older women dating site, then you use the above methods to get his attention and let him feel good about you.